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The BNB reveals the winners of the “Al Watani savings plan” for August 2021


Manama, Bahrain: The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) unveiled the five lucky winners of its Al Watani savings plan for August 2021. The draw took place at the Bank’s headquarters on September 15e, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and external auditors.

A total of four winners; Farah Tawfeeq AlMansoor, Abdulaziz Hasan AlSubai, Zainab Saleh Hassan and Sara Burhanudeen Mohamed, received a cash prize of USD 25,000 each, while Abdulla Abdulwahab Sultan was the lucky winner of a monthly salary of USD 50,000 to pay out over a 12-month period. The winners expressed their joy and gratitude upon receiving the news, reiterating the positive impact these awards will have on their lives, especially in the current situation.

Ahmed AlMaskati, Retail Product Manager at NBB, said: “We are delighted to celebrate the August Awards with five of our loyal customers, which shows that the more our customers deposit into their account, the more their chances of winning are high. BNB clients still have the opportunity to win even bigger prizes until the end of the current year, as we keep our promise to be closer to our clients in new and innovative ways. Customers can now also take advantage of our certificate-less savings accounts, use them for daily use, and have a chance to win one of our great cash prizes.

BNB clients can also benefit from interest payments on their savings on Express Savers and SaveWave accounts, while increasing their chances of winning one of the Al Watani awards all year round. The BNB’s Al Watani Awards have been changing the lives of clients for more than 20 years, and the National Bank intends to continue its efforts to connect with its clients by giving its loyal clients the chance to win every month.

The current year still has a lot to offer with the Al Watani Awards, as next month customers will have the chance to win the Bank’s Quarterly Prize, in addition to the year-end Dream Prize, which is expected to wrap up the awards. this year’s award in December.


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