Important Terms To Remember Before Starting NY Web Design

Today, Internet use is at an all-time high and the number of people with broadband Internet access at work and at home is steadily increasing. This means that websites are no longer limited by download speeds. Because of this, the possibilities for fully interactive multimedia content have increased.

Animation and video are now common parts of any website, and they take only seconds to download. So, you are probably an expert already in hopping on the Internet. Well, we’ve got one question for you – what exactly are you using to do so?

The answer to that question is an application called the web browser. Web browsers are computer programs that were initially designed to display websites. However, the current generation web browsers can also display computer files, graphics, video, and animation.

Web Browsers

You are probably already familiar with some popular web browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. In addition, if your mobile phone or other wireless device is capable of using the 3G or 4G networks, you can now use that to access the Internet wherever you go.

Also, we now have greater online security. This means that websites can now engage in e-commerce without having to worry so much about tech-savvy identity and money thieves. E-commerce is a simple term referring to buying and selling products on the Internet. You have probably already visited websites like Amazon and eBay where you can buy DVDs, shoes, shampoos, spatulas, tubas, etc.

If you want to learn and look for information about anything over the Internet, go to a search engine and type in the name or keyword of the particular thing that you are looking for. Search engines are websites that you use to search the Internet for any information. Type NY Web Design into–the most popular search engine on the web–and it will pull up literally millions of pages discussing web design companies that are based in New York.

You can find company information, history, information about the best NY web design companies, maybe even their respective official websites. You can also search for images, or even video clips about NY web design companies. While you are searching for information on NY web design though, you are not going to be learning a lot about the web. All you are going to learn about are information specific to what you searched for.

To learn a lot about the web, we should go over some of the language you will need to know as you use it. There are many web terms that are useful to understand. Here are some common ones:

– In order to create websites that can be read on any machine anywhere, we need to use a common language. Most websites are written in a programming language called HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. HTML determines everything about how your web page looks, including how big the text is and what images are on screen. HTML is somewhat limited. So, several additional components can be used in browsers to enhance our online experience.

Java Script2.JavaScript – JavaScript is programming language that we can use with HTML to more easily create dynamic content. What’s dynamic content? Dynamic content is anything fancier than text and graphics that visitors actually interact with. Have you ever filled out an online quiz? JavaScript may have been used to process your answers. Be careful not to confuse JavaScript with Java. Java is another programming language that is used to create many applications called Applets.

3.Applets – Applets work as part of web pages and browsers, enabling full applications to run on your computer. However, unlike applications you install using CDs, your browser downloads applets automatically from the server. Flash is another popular tool used for creating cool animation in websites.

4.Animated Gifs – An animated gif is a simple animation that is created by putting together several gif images, sort of like an old-fashioned flip book. The problem with animated gifs is that while they are easy to create, they can sometimes take a long time to download because of the many single images that make them up.

These are only a few of the terms you are going to need to know as you get ready to design and make your web page. The funny thing about web design is that there’s always more to learn. It is likely that you thought you sounded like an expert before. But now, you are a real pro.