How to Become a Good Motivational Speaker: Must-Dos for Aspiring Speakers

If you want to be someone who’s frequently invited to speak in events, you need to do all kinds of things that will help you improve in every way possible. Specifically, you’ll have to do these:

1.Learn from your mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If in case you committed one, let yourself learn from it and never do it again. Your mistake will also be part of your experience. Believe it or not, mistakes can help you understand a particular situation or a group of people. They will help you become an effective motivational speaker.

2.Seek advice from public speaking experts

Keynote SpeakerIf your dream is to become a keynote speaker, don’t hesitate to seek advice from people who are familiar with the said industry. If you’re a student, you can consult your teacher about it. If you’re a member of a religious or a non-profit organization, you can also seek advice from other members of your organization.

3.Study and master your topic

It’s very important for a motivational speaker to have a topic that he will discuss in his talks. It can be about how to stop bullies or how young people can start a business. Focus on the topic that you would be comfortable discussing and make sure to study it well. As long as you know your topic, you won’t run out of words to say in your presentation.

4.Create promotional materials

You must also create promotional materials like videos or posters that will help you in describing yourself and the topics that you want to talk about. Having promotional materials not only attracts potential clients, but will also convince people that you’re really a keynote speaker who’s willing to help and to listen.

5.Don’t memorize everything

As much as possible, don’t memorize all the words in your speech. It is best to create an outline that highlights the important points in your speech. It will serve as a guide.

6.Wear comfortable but presentable clothes

A motivational speaker should also take note of the clothes he’s wearing. It doesn’t have to be too formal as long as it’s presentable and very comfortable to wear. If you will wear something presentable, people will respect you. Doing this will also prevent conservative people from getting offended.

7.Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts

A public speaker must not be afraid to express his thoughts. It will be best if you will say what’s inside your heart and mind. In other words, tell them the things that you believe in.

8.Look for a good venue

A speaker must also look for the right venue for his presentation. If you want to interact and be much closer to your audience, it will be great if you will pick a smaller venue instead. A good speaker must be able to show his audience that he truly cares for them.

9.Understand your audience

You can’t be considered an effective motivational speaker if you don’t have the ability to understand your audience. It’s very important to observe them before and after your presentation. Make sure to ask some of them as well. Let them say what they want to hear from you.

10.Use props

As much as possible, use props in your presentation as well. The props will prevent the audience from falling asleep. You can also give some freebies to them. If you’re planning to make videos or slide presentations, make sure that they contain important points and “easy-to-understand” details. Don’t forget to add pictures.

11.Listen to comments and suggestions

Once you’re done talking to your audience, don’t hesitate to listen to their comments and suggestions about your presentation. Learn to accept constructive criticism. The audience’s words will help you a lot to become a better speaker.

By doing all these, you’ll surely become a great speaker and you’ll be much closer to your dream of succeeding in the industry.

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