Different Materials Used for Making Custom Lanyards

Nowadays, it is common to see people who are proud of the organization they belong to. Companies try to be known for their brand, and because of modern printing technologies using different materials, this has now become possible.

Custom LanyardsAs a standard for their custom lanyards, organizations go with their colours and have the company name and logo printed. Lanyards these days are not just for holding IDs, as they can also be used for other items that people want to hang around their neck. It is a good marketing idea to use lanyards as small tokens or company giveaways. There are also other items used as freebies, such as pens, which people can also string up to their lanyards. These are practical gifts that they can bring along with them anywhere.

When organizations issue badges and lanyards to their members, it promotes a feeling of ownership and belonging among them. Even their colours have a deep meaning to different organizations. Whenever their members wear their group colours, it serves as a reminder of what they actually stand for. For instance, a group of environmentalists could always think green when they use earth colours for their custom lanyards.

Lanyards are more than just an item that carries the name of an organization. Moreover, if the lanyards are poorly-made, it can be damaging to their image. Depending on what they intend to use it for, organizations could pick from a range of materials to use on their lanyards

A good lanyard manufacturer offers the following types of materials:
Polyester Lanyards

With a combination of price and value that it offers, this type of material is a suitable starting material for lanyards. An organization can pick a single colour for their custom lanyards and have their logo and text printed. Some lanyard manufacturers could offer a range of free attachments. However, if these free attachments do not meet the needs of the organization, there are also other attachment options that they can pay for.

Nylon Lanyards

Nylon fabric is one of the oldest materials used for stockings and socks, which is mostly known for its flexibility and strength. The lanyard manufacturer could offer the customer a printing quality out of silkscreen for their chosen logo and text. Furthermore, the nylon material is a little glossy, so even when they choose just a single colour, the lanyards could come out into something that looks pretty neat. A nylon lanyard would be perfect for an organization if it is matched with the perfect attachment.

Woven Lanyards

Woven lanyards are also made from polyester material, but this type is unique since the design and text are woven into the fabric. Because of that, there is a certain handcrafted feel on the finished product. If an organization wants to have that artisanal or elegant touch, choosing a woven lanyard might be the best for them. For the attachments, the custom lanyards manufacturer could offer advice on what they can use.

Tubular Lanyards

The material used is called tubular because it looks like a “tubular” shoelace. It is a combination of polyester and twill, which are inexpensive materials. Lanyard manufacturers can print text, logos and other designs into this material. Like the polyester lanyard, tubular lanyard uses the Pantone colour matching system, which guarantees the customers will have the right shade.

Dye-Sublimated Lanyards

Custom lanyards created using dye-sublimation are tough. They are different from other types of lanyards because the print itself goes into the polyester material and not just on the surface. Its technology uses a dye process wherein it applies the image into the material. This means that the print would not fade.

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