One way or another, you know golf unless you are a creature living under some rock.

Perhaps you know all the rules by heart. Perhaps you play it as a professional athlete. Or you play simply for leisure. Or maybe from that childhood golf set which your father bought you for your fifth birthday in which you practiced your techniques in sword fighting and shattering fragile decorations around the house rather than shooting the ball exactly right through the green and into the hole.

Either way, you have definitely heard of it. Perhaps your knowledge about the sport is too limited that all you know is it is merely holding a stick, a golf club to be exact, and simply swinging it against the golf ball so the ball comes flying and shooting down the target that it is supposed to go through. Well, more or less, that understanding is correct.

In reality however, golf is just as complicated as any sport in existence out there.

The necessary equipment or facility needed in playing golf is of course a golf course, golf clubs, and golf balls.

Golf ClubsThere are many types of golf courses depending on the size or the playability. There are the real deals, the large fields with fairways and hazards and all designed for those who take golf seriously. There are the smaller ones, limited courses for less serious games. There are even indoor golf courses, sometimes just the putting green and the whole set inside the house using golf balls and putter clubs, which are still golf clubs, only, they have shorter loft specifically designed to assist the player with precision in his short-range target.

Golf clubs are the equipment used in hitting the golf ball. They are not just any long stick used to hit that white ball, they are designed specifically for the sport.

This is composed of a shaft with a lance or grip at the top for handling, and a club head at the bottom. Long clubs are usually used for longer distances, while relatively shorter clubs are often used for shorter distances.

Golf clubs traditionally fall into three classifications: the woods, the irons, and the putters.

Woods have large heads and long shafts. They are designed to hit the ball from long distances, or from the open areas, like the freeway or the tee box. Irons on the other hand are relatively shorter, with metallic heads that are flat and angled in a striking face. Lastly, the putters also have metallic heads. Among the three, putters are the shortest as they are designed to be used on short distances. A fourth class is also emerging, which is the hybrids. These clubs are a cross between woods and irons.

A maximum of fourteen golf clubs are allowed in a game of golf. It is on the discretion of the golfer to decide which club he could bring, but these clubs must adhere to the parameters outlined in the rules, otherwise, the player could be disqualified.

Golf balls are white and often spherical, pock-marked by dimples. These are designed as such, so that it could fly away and reach farther distances.

Shoes especially engineered for the sport of golf are also used. Golf shoes often have plastic or metallic spikes that increase traction and allow the player to have longer more precise shots. Golf bags are used to contain the clubs and other equipment of the golfer. This bag can in turn be contained in a golf cart, which is a small vehicle that could carry two persons around the area.

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